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This page is a story of covid-19 (March -July 2020)

student 2,60€+ kelaateriatuki

Dear students, please read carefully.

Kela gives us permission to deliver the food at your door, the price of food is 2,60€ (only applicable with student card). This discount is applicable until things gets better not more then 31.05.2020 as kela informed us.


Oder directly form our online order



Order before 10 am and get the food next day

11.00 am-14,30 pm

We only accept Online Payment for security and safety reasons.


Non Student 8,30€ 

As we received lots of email concerning delivery so non students can also order by filling same form but they must pay 8,30 euro lunch box price.

safety concern

We are not taking any cash. Pay online.

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